HR Team UK Ltd and Supplier Management Training (a subsidiary of HR Team UK Ltd) comply with the GDPR legislation introduced in May 2018  Below is a summary of our policies and processes. 

Personal contact data we hold 

  • We only hold data on individuals which is necessary for us to be able to communicate with them in the course of the work we carry out for their employers (our clients). This data is limited to name, position, email address, business contact number, mobile contact number, and in some cases skype contact details

  • We do not sell / share data with any third party organisations.  Data is used solely for the purpose of communicating with our clients in the course of our work, or to make them aware of other services we offer.

  • Any individual for who we hold such information has the right, at any time, to request access to the data we hold, and demand rectification or deletion of all, or elements of the data held 

Specific data we may hold in the course of our work 

  • As a training consultancy we are involved in working with our clients in developing and delivering staff training and development programmes. In the course of this work we are frequently provided with data from client files regarding individual and team competence, knowledge, skills and general HR related data

  • The confidentiality of this data is ensured as we are invariably requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement  (NDA) as part of our contractual agreement with the client organization, and as such we are agreeing to comply with the client GDPR policy, as well as ensuring we store the data in line with our own procedures and standards    

  Security of data 

  • All data is held electronically on Laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc. which are all password protected, and have robust anti-virus software installed, to ensure data security

  • All data is backed up regularly and stored securely                                                                                                                                                                         

Further information 

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