Sales and Account Management

Our philosophy is based on a solutions based selling model – identifying client requirements, analysing the data, and then proposing focused solutions. The clients we work with in this area are largely working in complex sales environments, managing long sales cycles, providing strategic, often critical services to their customers.

Of course solutions based selling is not new, and there are many models based on this in the market place. Our match selling model® takes this further:

• It provides an infinitely flexible framework to build a training/development by selecting the most relevant topics from a menu of modules, based on the training needs identified

• Its power is in its simplicity – we have demystified what can be seen as a complex process, by developing a clear overarching model

• The theme of simplicity - we believe in simplicity…why unnecessarily complicate things - is reinforced in the name itself – match selling ® - the process of identifying client needs, and matching them to the elements of the product/ service offering that are relevant

As with our leadership and management programmes we have vast amounts of information on sales and account management. A comprehensive guide is available that covers :

The effective sales profile. A diagnostic tool to support you in defining strengths and development priorities at individual and team levels. There are 6 key competence areas, each with a number of descriptors, to provide detail assessment guidance.

Key topic listing – this defines the areas where we have designed and materials. Under each key heading there is a breakdown of content coverage

To receive a PDF of the guide please mail us at:

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