Our approach

When we first started using the strapline “training does not work” clients and prospective clients questioned our logic……..why would a training consultancy say that the service they provide is a waste of time and money?

It creates a debate – and that is the point - the message we wanted to get across is that

“Training in isolation does not work”

We believe that just providing training courses, as an isolated event, for people to attend is not the most effective way to develop people, and consequently their effectiveness. This belief has always driven our strategy and approach in working with our clients, which can be summarised as follows

• If we are to develop long term client relationships – which is a fundamental objective - we need to demonstrate that we deliver value - to the individuals in terms of personal development, and to the organisation in terms of contribution to business outcomes

The training activity must be linked to the organisation’s strategy and goals, so that the relevance of the training is clear, and clear outcomes can be defined as part of the design phase, not as an afterthought

• Learning and development is about more that attending training – this is why participants are engaged before attending any training, and there are defined implementation actions post training which we are actively involved in. This creates buy in, understanding and the commitment to apply what has been learned

We would like to bury the term training course  SERIOUSLY…… and replace it with LEARNING WORKSHOP. Cynically, you get trained, training is done to you! Workshops are about involvement, discussion, trying things out, experiential learning

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