Leadership and management

Leadership and management……..a big subject which covers a vast range of individual and specific topics. Rather than expect you to read through lots of web pages, we have provided an information guide on leadership, management, and personal development areas. This comprehensive 40 page guide covers

• A summary of our key concepts and models

• A diagnostic tool to enable you to identify current strengths and development needs in individuals and teams. There are 5 key competence areas we a number of descriptors per area. These are

- Perspective and purpose
- Leading and developing people
- Planning and analytical skills
- Communication and influencing
- Leading and managing change

• A listing of 18 key topics where we have materials developed. Under each key heading we have provided a detailed breakdown of content, to provide you with a sense of coverage.

To provide some context, each session includes provision of new learning, the opportunity to practice and try out the new knowledge, and finally capture, review what has been learned, in the form of learning and action logs. The emphasis is on practical and experiential learning 

To receive a PDF of the guide please mail us at:  info@hrteam.co.uk

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